Packaging is the product. Retail shelves are packed with a multitude of options, so it is my job to help figure out how to communicate the unique voice of the product in an efficient way. Like most design projects, it begins with research and exploring many ideas to work up the most successful solution.

Cooee Bébé
High end designer pacifier clip, box packaging with plastic window

Call the Shot
"Sweet spot sleeve" training tool for batting practice, cardstock hanging label with bag packaging

Bib -be- Down
Vest style bib, polybag packaging with cardstock insert

JTKD - Johnson Tie Knot Design
Innovative tie design, cardstock packaging with plastic hanger

Destructo Bot
Vintage tin robot toy package redesign, tin can packaging with paper label

Super Towel Draper
Dual layer fastening towel for salon shampooing, polybag packaging with cardstock insert

Unisex Razor
TSA approved compact travel razor, hanging cardboard packaging with blister pack

Ed & R's Signature Sauces
BBQ sauce, bottle packaging with label

Cosmos Brewing
Beer bottle labels

Cosmos Brewing
Aluminum can packaging

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